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  The key "engine" running smoothly - how to look at the current investment situation Peoples Daily, July 8 signed article: "Chinas economy in depth on" Review of the four series: the key "engine" running smoothly - how to look at the current investment situation in the Peoples Daily reporter Liu Zhiqiang Lu Yanan Ding Yiting come 5G!June 6, the Ministry issued licenses to four companies 5G; June 25, China Mobile announced that this year will be more than 50,000 base stations in the country build 5G, 5G next year to provide commercial services in all cities above prefecture level.Internet industry, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical.5G many companies are targeting business opportunities, increase investment.Experts estimate that the construction of a single base station, 5G 4G investments of about 1.Five times in eight years, 5G will drive investment of about 1.2 trillion yuan.Important variable investment, Chinas economic development.Play a key role in investment, it is an important support to deal with changes in the external environment, to maintain stable economic development.Since late last year, the grim face of complex domestic and international situation, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade to assess the situation and make timely decisions, issued a series of stable investment initiatives.This year from January to May, Chinas fixed asset investment grew 5.6%, to achieve steady growth.Investment growth remained stable, further optimize the structure scorching sun, rolling waves, summer bustling Pearl River Estuary - set "tunnels, islands, bridges, underground interoperability" as one of Shenzhen to Zhongshan channel construction in full swing.The total investment amounted to 446.On the stage of transportation construction project after another super-deep in the channel $$ 900 million, will become the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.Steep terrain, unstable rock church conflict, narrow Datengxia construction going on - Guangxi Datengxia years will be dammed hub.After this total investment of over 170 million yuan project is completed, will not only bring six billion kwh electricity each year, will also address the water problem is over a hundred million people.Since late last year, investment in infrastructure over the face down trend after years of rapid growth, China has accelerated the special local debt issuance schedule and project approval rate, a strong impetus to a number of major projects landing.This year from January to May, Chinas infrastructure investment grew 4% higher than last years growth rate of 0.2 percentage points.Growth rate stabilized, more preferably the structure.Not to engage in "flood irrigation" and pursuit of "precise drip" - the focus of infrastructure investment "fill the short board" focus on investment in tackling poverty, railways, highways and waterways, airports, water conservancy, energy, agriculture and rural areas, environmental protection and peoples livelihood nine fields, and strive to achieve steady growth, serve multiple purposes of structural adjustment, improve peoples efficiency."Although the scale of these investments than in the past, but for all key areas, bottlenecks, can significantly improve the overall effectiveness of infrastructure investment."The State Council Development Research Center of Industrial Economics Research Department researcher Zhao Xu Yuan said.Investment in infrastructure steady growth while manufacturing investment structure optimization showing a good trend: from January to May, manufacturing investment rose 2.7% of 1 - increase in April.2 percentage points; high-tech industry investment grew 11.9% higher over the entire investment 6.3 percentage points, the service sector R & D investment growth rate reached 27.1%.Behind the structural optimization of manufacturing investment, a strong pulling power to bring transformation and upgrading of traditional industries."Since opening, orders continue, many customers start early procurement of equipment, industrial robots bullish.Enthusiasm "Lie Automation CEO holes soldiers felt that the current manufacturing enterprises to implement Intelligent Manufacturing machine Substitution is rising.Transformation is not a dead end, to seek a way out in transition.Face more intense competition, the new situation demands more diverse market, many traditional manufacturing companies take the initiative to open up, positive transformation.15 months, investment in technological upgrading manufacturing industry increased by 15%, higher than 1-- increase in April.1 percentage point higher than all manufacturing investment 12.3 points.Behind manufacturing investment structure optimization, but also bring new momentum to flourish strong driving force."Domestic market, the rapid development of new energy vehicles, power battery industry market continues to grow, the companys existing production capacity has to keep up with the rhythm of the market."Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the official said, the next will invest at least 46 billion on expansion, to further improve the layout, enhance competitiveness.New technologies, new products, new formats, new business models.New kinetic energy bursting out vitality, so that the new investment opportunities in large numbers.This year from January to May, Chinas high-tech manufacturing investment growth 10.2%, faster than all manufacturing investment 7.5 points."With the continued advance of the supply-side reforms, traditional industry companies are no longer obsessed with the expansion of production capacity, leaving more funds for quality and efficiency, the rapid growth of investment in technical.At the same time, on behalf of the development direction of the industry to meet the emerging needs of the consumer to upgrade industrial enterprises are seizing the opportunity to expand investment."Deputy director of the State Information Centers economic forecasting department Wang Yuanhong believe that differentiation manufacturing investment only reflect the old and new converts kinetic energy, but also conducive to speed up restructuring.Although fluctuations in investment growth, but there is still huge potential and ample space to see investment generally stable, while there are also some people are concerned that fluctuations in investment growth in China - the first five months, fixed asset investment growth rate down from last year 0.3 percentage points over the previous four months of decline 0.5 points.They speculated that the external environment will not change is the primary cause of Chinas investment growth slowing?Research economists gave a negative answer.Just in Dongguan, Foshan and other places visited several enterprises Wang Yuanhong believe that if the current factors affecting business investment will sort of "supply and demand changes in the market," the top spot, followed by the "pressure of rising costs," "increased external uncertainty "ranked in the final."Look at the issue, to seize the main contradiction.We can not deny the external environment changes bring some impact on investment, but also recognized that the key to steady investment is still do their own thing."National Bureau of Statistics deputy director Changsheng to Win, said."Do their own thing", we must first dialectical understanding the current volatility of investment growth.On the one hand, to stay awake, to address the manufacturing and infrastructure investment growth rate down.If the first five months of this year, investment growth compared to last year, real estate investment improved by 1 percentage point, manufacturing investment, infrastructure investment is decreased by 2.5,5.4 percentage points, as the main reason investment volatility.Go down to get to the bottom, manufacturing investment growth is slowing, mainly due to that the lack of private investment in power.January to May this year, private investment grew 5.3% growth over the previous year dropped 2.8 points."In the manufacturing sector, the proportion of private investment accounts for about eighty percent.At present, the domestic supply and demand structural contradictions of traditional industries more prominent, some industries still relatively low profit margins, many private companies have recognized the setting up shops does not work, but how on the steps also some confusion."Wang Yuanhong analyzed, endogenous power shortage is still the root cause of the slowdown in investment growth," the international market uncertainty brought about only a certain influence superposition."" Investment in infrastructure fell from a high double-digit growth of the past to the current 4%, mainly due to the impact of debt early to clean up local government norms.Changes in investment and financing mode, resulting in a number of infrastructure projects fall slowly."Said lead researcher Wen Bin said Minsheng Bank.On the other hand, to strengthen their confidence, to see the potential of Chinas investment clout and steady growth.At present, our country and the capital stock per capita is only about 1/5 of advanced economies, the accumulation of human capital and physical capital accumulation are still a lot of potential for mining.By 2020, Chinas urbanization rate is 59 permanent residents.58% more than at the average middle-income countries on the same stage of development level lower by about 6 percentage points, larger gap with high-income countries."Currently, the problem of insufficient development of Chinas unbalanced yet to be resolved, especially infrastructure shortcomings central and western regions and the vast rural areas are still outstanding."Chinas Macroeconomic Research Institute researcher Li-Feng Liu said, landing a series of coordinated regional development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and development, as well as to promote the new urbanization strategy, will lead to continued growth in investment demand.Nearly 14 million people in the escalating consumer demand, and carries considerable investment potential.Cosmetics, an increase of 16.7%, communication equipment increased by 6.7%, home appliances category of goods increased by 5.8%, respectively, to accelerate the growth rate in April than 10,4.6,2.6 points.In May this year, the growth rate of retail sales of consumer commodities significant warming upgrade.Currently, we have the worlds largest middle-income groups.With the continued expansion of this population, a huge consumer demand will continue to upgrade released.As long as companies accelerate the transition, launch marketable products, continue to meet the needs of diverse personal, we will be able to win the favor of the market and stable return on investment.As long as the measures the right path, the investment is fully capable of continuing to play a key role in economic development "to improve the investment environment and market, accelerate the pace of opening up the market to reduce operating costs, create a stable and fair and transparent and predictable business environment, accelerate the construction of an open economy The new system, to promote the sustained and healthy development of Chinas economy."This important exposition for the general secretary of stable investment work clear direction.This year, Chinas investment in a series of measures to stabilize the ground, not only stabilize the moment, he opened the future.Enterprises and experts have said that Chinas investment is vast, and ample opportunity, as long as the measures are effective, long time into work, will be able to maintain the good momentum of steady growth investment.- optimization of the business environment, investment will be more high enthusiasm."Tax cuts drop fee policy enables enterprises to reduce costs year over 930 million, the country sent real money, greatly boosted our confidence in the future development of."Everything Lee Group Chairman Tu Hongyan said that last year cost reduction initiative sent spree, allow enterprises to invest more in research and development of silk explosion models," this year to save money, but also all into digital transformation."The full implementation of small and micro enterprises inclusive of tax relief, a substantial relaxation of small micro-enterprise income tax and increase the standard VAT threshold, the manufacturing of the current 16% VAT rate to 13%.This year, tax cuts drop fee policies have landed, both for enterprises to reduce the burden, but also make investment decisions more calm.Hui enterprise policy brings warmth, deepening reform also released a dividend.Full implementation of the negative list system of market access, to further clarify the government and border markets; mixed start the fourth installment of state-owned enterprises reform pilot, to promote key areas such as oil and gas electricity reform; the introduction of "government investment regulations," better in regulating government investment and leading social capital.This year, China continued to deepen reform, expand market access for investors peace of mind business, rest assured to create a good investment environment.- clear task-oriented, will invest more precise stronger.Accelerate the transformation of the old district towns, rural water supply project to increase efforts to ensure the completion of one year ahead of a new round of rural power grid upgrading project to promote community support and accelerate the development of domestic service, accelerate network upgrade and expansion.Since May, the State Council executive meeting several times with steady growth, steady investment-related work, identified a number of important areas to expand effective investment."From the total amount of the previous expansion to focus on now make up the short board, increase stamina, targeted and effective benefit peoples livelihood, investment will significantly enhance."Xu Zhao Yuan said.- expand the sources of funding, investment will gradually break the bottleneck.The first five months, the central budget for investment have been issued 89 percent, the country added a total issue size of local government debt has exceeded the timing schedule.Around the new bond efficiently into key projects, stable investment results significantly.June 10, "Notice on local government bond issuance and special financing projects supporting the work" issued."" Notice "proposed allows special bonds as qualifying major capital projects, breaking the previous special bond can only do matching funds limit, will expand its use of effective range."Wen Bin believes that in the future there will be more compliant, prospects for the development of infrastructure projects have been started, driven by infrastructure investment growth picked up."In the steady investment, we have plenty of clout, do not need to engage in a new round of infrastructure investment to stimulate strong, but do not need to engage in comprehensive investment strong stimulation.As long as the measures the right path, the investment is fully capable to play a key role in economic development."Said Wang Yuanhong.

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