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  3 hours rapid build Hunan Xiangya Hospital, five medical staff rush to the rescue Hubei January 26 afternoon, unified by the National Health health committee, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, rapid formation of the national team consists of five medical staff rushed to Hubei support consisting of pneumonia epidemic prevention and control novel coronavirus infection in 3 hours, It is expected to be starting that night.It is reported that, Xiangya Hospital after receiving national health health committee task, quickly issued a notice to solicit critical care medicine, in just half an hour had 21 medical staff volunteer plead.Some medical staff this morning, the night awoke and saw emergency information immediately apply, although hospital tasks during the Spring Festival annoying heavy, but they believe epidemic situation more urgent, as the Xiangya bounden.Hospital pick five clinical experience of key personnel rush to the rescue Hubei.Yanli picked up five from the hospital clinical experience of key personnel, four of whom are female nurse, a nurse for men, average age 30 years old.In the past they have accumulated a lot of clinical work experience in intensive care medicine, has now infected areas along with continuous blood purification shortage of professional competence, Hubei arrival, they will be critical in patients with severe epidemic of a vigorous treatment.

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