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  Creative photo Fan Wei microblogging exposure join the "Liulaogen 3" Mountain Media has released an official micro "Liulaogen 3" creative staff photo, Zhao Benshan, Fan Wei, Yan Jing and other school in which everyone, now rumored to join the Fan Wei "Liulaogen 3" message finally settled.This is also the Zhao Benshan and Fan Wei, the two work together following the mid-2009 after the drama "Mr. Kanto," together again after a lapse of 10 years.Although Zhaos "Country Love" series has been completely converted to network drama, but comedy duo in rural theme has struck a spark and no one can look forward to the value of specific markets remains high.It is reported that on May 6, "Liulaogen 3" official start in Tieling City, Liaoning Province.In addition to Zhao, the Yan School crystal, Li Jing, Wang Juan, Wang Xiao Bao, Zhang Xiaofei other major actors attended the starting ceremony.Unfortunately, after playing corner cloves high Xiumin death, the play has no role in this."Liulaogen" first premiered in 2002, directed by Zhao, Xie Mei, Zhao Benshan, Fan Wei, starring high Xiumin, focuses on the highly respected old secretary Liulaogen top down after his son, went to the city life for a while long experience, returned home to engage in tourism and catering industry, the use of folk art to the streets to attract the audience, at the age of 50 to realize his long-cherished wish to let folks get rich.In 2003, the mountain media launch strike while the story "Liulaogen 2" around the Longquan Villa Resort and Fung Mo competition story unfolds, interspersed about the Fan Wei played "Yao Xiazai" sell the cure.But the second part of the broadcast, although the audience is very high voice, but never came to terms Zhao sequel news, so in the eyes of many viewers, has long recognized the play has ended.

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