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  Lifes most meaningful which role?- remember the outstanding representatives of migrant workers Hu Xiaoyan Title: lifes most meaningful which role?- remember the outstanding representatives of migrant workers Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Hongyu and Ren Sheng Hu Xiaoyan if we can choose again, she still does not regret that decision 21 years ago.That year, full of longing, Hu Xiaoyan decided to embark on the Green Paper on the train, from the countryside into the city.24 years ago, Hu Xiaoyan also a peasant farming; in 2098, working with billowing south of the torrent, the voyage of 38 hours, Hu Xiaoyan set foot on the land of the Pearl River Delta to become a working girl.For over 20 years, growing from a ceramics factory worker for NPC Vice-Chairman of Federation of Trade Unions Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Hu Xiaoyan realize the value of life.Accompanied, is "outstanding migrant workers", "reform pioneer" and a series of honorary titles, Hu Xiaoyan can always take it lightly and said: "My own position has always been that an employee, working in a factory before now working for the masses."The most bitter days early in Guangdong, Hu Xiaoyan skip several slots.Spent panic, confused, helpless suited period, she gradually resolved: whether the road many ups and downs, we must forge ahead.Strong sense of crisis, she realized: the only source of knowledge, is the courage to continue to struggle.She therefore use every opportunity to acquire knowledge desperately.When the first ceramics factory workers, Hu Xiaoyan deeply appreciate, as a woman, in order to gain a foothold in this industry, we must learn to pour the glaze, printing, sorting.She will use recreation time every day someone else "steal the division apprenticeship", assiduously technology.In 2002, she was recruited into the new Pearl Sanshui, Guangdong building ceramics company, from the most basic common grader stem from.Outside of work, Hu Xiaoyan bought a 5,000 yuan laptop computer, in his spare time practicing from a five-stroke lettering.Her husband is a porter, working very hard, to not affect him to rest, Hu Xiaoyan night by the faint light secretly practiced, often trained to a two or three in the morning."If there is no struggle, there can be no harvest."Hu Xiaoyan, said the new Pearl Ceramic Company, is a major turning point in her life.The company "capable, the levels were so, concerning" corporate culture, but also to see the hard work hard work of migrant workers up infinite space.Hu Xiaoyan work very hard.One summer when, due to a rush of customers, the plant must rush to catch, even just out of the hot brick kiln must be sorted.Hu Xiaoyan body is injured, sorting bricks will only increase the heat wound infections, blame her husband regardless of body.Hu Xiaoyan but did not bother, or insist on overtime."Since that time considered a box of two boxes, can earn double the money, say such a hot day no one else is willing to buckle down to this live, I have to stand up for the enterprise share those concerns."Hu Xiaoyan, said she believed that pain no gain.From ordinary workers to the kiln attendant quality control, then deputy director of the workshop, Hu Xiaoyan in just two years to achieve the triple jump.The hardest choice in 2008, Hu Xiaoyan was elected the Eleventh National Peoples Congress, China since the reform and opening up to become the first elected to the National Peoples Congress on behalf of migrant workers."Life is just to make a choice, do not regret it, even if it is hit a brick wall."Hu Xiaoyan said," because you become a spokesman for migrant workers groups, then you can not just for yourself, you have to go more for this group advocating."In the five-year term, the Hu Xiaoyan do what we can, submitted a total of 20 recommendations, involving migrant workers living environment, employment development, childrens schooling, health care, housing, welfare and many other issues.Hu Xiaoyan, said she carried the body is no longer a mans gain and loss, but the trust of 200 million migrant workers and Hope.July 2011, Hu Xiaoyan pass the exam, bid farewell to the companys management, Sanshui District, Foshan City Federation of Trade Unions to work.The life choices for Hu Xiaoyan, is the most difficult time.Because in business, she has been included in the reserve of candidates for executive training, the future can be expected; and into the civil service, it is a completely new path in life.After repeated thinking, Hu Xiaoyan chose that path most challenging."This year Im 34 years old, I put my all zeros, determined to start all over again."Said Hu Xiaoyan."Working girl, workshop director, vice chairman of the union, you feel greater happiness which role?"Reporters asked her."This last role.Because I think can help more people, their only happier and more."Hu Xiaoyan answer without hesitation.The most gratifying moment "One time, a Zhuhai factory owners ran 89 workers in five months did not get paid, they found me.I put the information to the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions urge local union resolved, the workers finally get their due compensation."Hu Xiaoyan said it was the most gratifying moment of her life.From the National Peoples Congress elected to the new post of vice chairman of the union, advocate Hu Xiaoyan opened a series of "Xiaoyan" brand activities in an effort to fight for the rights of migrant workers.The creation of "Swallow Mailbox" column, and actively promote the "Xiaoyan Paradise", "Xiaoyan growth", "Xiaoyan rights" service workers project to build more public places "Loving Mother house"; the promotion of "Xiaoyan growth" to enhance the qualifications of workers plan, so that the majority of workers to enjoy the dividends of Education.Today, the "Xiaoyan summer park" has become a brand name card Sanshui, not only solved the problem of migrant children hosting the summer, migrant workers more effectively improve the sense of presence and sense of belonging.Over the years, Hu Xiaoyan not forget the early heart, "as the first care worker" has always been her work ethic.She grassroots level to understand the sufferings of workers, listen to the voice of the people, sincerely do practical things for the workers, trying to make close friends of the masses of workers."With the times, let the dream bloom."Hu Xiaoyan said that sometimes in life there is no other choice but to strive to move for.Any time you put your work as a career to do, I believe we can do a good job."From the kiln workers to deputy director of the workshop, from middle management to the National Peoples Congress, all this is brought about by reform and opening-lucky life."Hu Xiaoyan said," Thanksgiving era, since the reform and opening up, before allowing work groups from all over the world gain a foothold in the Pearl River Delta, let the dream take root."

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