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  Yueqing: The Case of illegal business involving 4.6 billion yuan of prosecution Mysterious anti-alone platform profitable "secret" of Yueqing in Zhejiang: The Case of illegal business involving 4.6 billion yuan of prosecution for money, illegal futures platform actually reverse operation with the customer.Recently, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province Prosecutors Office with large illegal business case of public prosecution in local courts hearing, prosecutors alleged Qianmou other 25 people suspected of illegal business, involving up to 4.6 billion yuan.Futures platform wide net, take the bait, "Hello, futures investment to know about it?" We here are of a teacher, convenient investment.Life, often received such a harassing phone calls, not interested in people who hang up, and interested members of the public Wang Yueqing was brought to the capitals futures platforms such as phones, and they are being invested in two years on ten million yuan.The companys capital within the disk futures futures platform is not the territory, but outside of the external disk futures, funds leveraged by the company for customers to enlarge 1 times to 10 times leverage investment operations and charge high fees.Hunan Hu during a financial recommendation live in "futures teacher", also in the capitals futures platform open an account, investment operations.Futures market risk, not long before, Mr. Wang and Mr. Hu investment funds are losses over, but between them responsible for docking with the customer service and continued to live two teacher "draw pie": "This loss is just a temporary phenomenon as long as the follow-up operation, certainly profitable."They also cited a number of people through a variety of operating profit as against loss of stories, encouraging the two continue to invest.At your fingertips, just like the amount of loss of customers flood in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Mike is an employee of the companys capital, college graduation he entered the company through online recruitment.Capital company is located in Shanghai, Hangzhous top office, office space, "tall", Li even more surprise to their academic qualifications, work experience will also be able to get a monthly salary of a few thousand dollars, while in the company, just two years time, its income rocketed up to the monthly salary of thousands of dollars.Observant Li soon discovered that the company as well as a top-secret "Anti single unit," the office of the Ministry of Finance and other company executives in place, the source of this division is the companys high profit.It turned out that the normal order process is operating under a single customer on the capitals futures trading platform, through the Hong Kong branch, the United States under a single settlement company to the international futures market.A empty if customers buy 1 pen, B customers to buy more than 1 pen, will have a net position, two strokes order to offset the relative, the capital of the company do not need to send some orders to the US Clearing Corporation alone in the international futures market.In the course of the actual operation of futures platform, the capital of the company executives found that most customers are operating futures losses, as long as the work against these customers, the opposite of buying, customer orders do not need to send data to the international futures market, the customer should have been a loss to the futures market funds fell into the pockets of the company.As a result, the capital of the company purchased a single automatic anti-software, anti-single trading platform operated by.At your fingertips, the amount of loss of customers as a flood, can be profitable up to more than $$ 10 million a month.This action immediately so that the original only in fees to maintain operations of the company to profitability, earn pours.The incident was arrested, involving 4.6 billion yuan in fact, is not allowed in China external disk futures, the capital of the company is not only not qualified futures trading operations, and its scope of business in the industrial and commercial registration no futures and futures business information range, illegal business.After May 2020, Mr. Wang previously mentioned loss in a lot of money, but also to communicate to the capital of the company to call customer service.Unexpectedly, customer service a hurry, the anti-single thing slip of the tongue.Mr. Wang immediately reported to the police.After a preliminary investigation the public security organs, the capital of the company decided to file for investigation, including the chairman Qianmou, including more than 50 employees were arrested one after another.The investigation, since 2010, Qianmou, Hwang, who has incorporated in Wenzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong capital company, telephone marketing, Internet promotion, etc. development agencies to attract customers internal and external disk futures.Since 2015, the company involving up to 46 billion yuan.February 2017, Qian et al indicate "Anti single department" staff setting parameters 12 futures, to hedge customer transaction data interception, interception trading funds, the amount of loss by automatically earn customers a single software anti-cumulative earn 7 million yuan.The case after two days of trial, the court will choose sentencing.According to another report, another 27 people involved in the prosecution of the case under review. 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