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  Not forgetting the beginning of a new era of struggle heart remember our mission CCTV News: General Secretary pointed out that the Chinese Communists beginning of the heart and mission is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and the Chinese nation revival plan.Today is the birthday party of 98, our reporter in the country to record a number of communist figure, some of them fought in the front line Chong Branch; someone running in the fields, they struggle with, forget to put into practice the beginning of the heart, with hard work writing a chapter in a new era of.Just the other day, my 46 Beidou navigation satellite into space, space, travel Beidou network on the ground, a huge Beidou industry is on the rise.Today, the reporter walked into the Big Dipper is located in Shanghais industrial base, saw a group of busy, they are scientists, but also Communists.The park, gathered more than 160 companies, covering almost the whole industry chain Compass application, from the chip to the service, to do ground-based augmentation Thailand from power, the power to the digital transformation of Rwanda, where science and technology workers, are being pushed to the Compass application global.Here is one of the main battlefield of tackling poverty in China - Guizhou Southwest Guizhou Province.These days, Ceheng County last 73 to move out of the mountain masses, Southwest Guizhou Province 330,000 people moved easily declared complete tasks.This video, recorded the poverty alleviation cadres and the masses move, bid farewell to poverty exciting moment.Ex situ relocation, the problem more difficult, Ceheng County of party members and cadres of the Task Force, speaking over and over door policy, they admitted by no less, but they chose to adhere to, and this persistence is more than 1200 days.Let poor households move out, stability is maintained, can get rich, party members and cadres Qianxinan again set a military order to ensure that every affected families have at least one person employed.For this reason, the introduction of new battlefield industry, now became a struggle for poverty alleviation cadres.More than 28,000 seats, which is the number of Henan Lankao existing greenhouses.In mid-2017, Lankao poverty Zhaimao.Since then, the development of agriculture, to achieve a new goal became to revitalize rural Lankao.Today, nearly 200 master Lankao farming techniques party, walked into the edge of a farm.Implementation of rural revitalization, is the leader of party members.In Lankao, demonstration planting melon, mushrooms and other greenhouse crops party members; help them find a market, market development is also party members.Lankao more than 450 administrative villages, each village has a party member task force.Writing a new chapter in the era of hard work with.Today, in Lijiang, Yunnan Jinsha River, along the river patrol party members and cadres of pollution sources, to find the problem, find a way to build the upper reaches of the Yangtze River ecological barrier; today, Changning in Sichuan earthquake, more than 2,000 party members to run around line.Restoration and reconstruction to help the masses, these busy, with hard work is beginning to adhere to heart, with action interpretation of mission.

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