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  Kindly tried to mediate gang fights were against wounding Chengbei Gao Kindly tried to mediate gang fights were against wounding Chengbei Gao legal aid lawyer for his rectification of names: self-defense recipient party Yang Bin sent a banner to express gratitude for the Legal Aid Center of Qiaokou courtesy Wuhan Evening News correspondent kindly man tried to mediate to passers Fanzao beaten, In desperation to resist, shift the wounded, suspicion of intentional assault prosecution.Port District Bureau of Justice Legal Aid Center for assignment of counsel for his defense, the court ultimately found Qiaokou Yang Bin, who tried to mediate the kind of behavior is self-defense, from criminal penalties and financial compensation."Love of justice and assist the weak stretch, you can speak eloquently noble red."July 9, Yang Bin to Legal Aid Center sent a banner to thank him legal aid to dare meddling clout.2020 May 20, 58-year-old resident Yang Bin Qiaokou ride electric vehicle for niece from school, passing Qiaokou an alley, met in front of someone disputes will discourage exports, but, instead by drunk young Ding Mou, Liu a beating, and two young fellow Jeong also involved pulling.Confusion, Yang Bin was hit to the corner of the homeopathic pick up the empty beer bottle smashed in the head Ryu, broken bottles after injury to the right cheek Jeong.Identified, Jeong two minor injuries suffered injury.2020 May 28, Yang Bin, on suspicion of intentional assault under criminal detention, the same year was released on bail June 11.2020 October 16, Qiaokou Procuratorate of intentional assault prosecution.That Yang Bin did not ask counsel, 2020 October 31, Port District Bureau of Justice Legal Aid Center free for assigned counsel Lijun.Counsel investigation found that the contractor, Yang Bins behavior is self-defense, and did not significantly exceed the limits of necessity, should not be held criminally responsible.First, there is the reality of the other criminal violations.3 people drunk for no reason hit Yang Bin, the use of kicking, slapping, etc. iron summarized Kei pose a serious threat to their personal and life safety violations.Secondly, when unlawful infringement should be recognized as being.3 people beating on Yang Bin has been no interruption, live video confirmed that three people had indeed repeatedly beaten, attacked the defendant.After Yang Bin to stop the unlawful infringement of the start time to the infringement before the end of.Third, there is no obvious more than necessary.Three prime accused in the drunken man hit the frail elderly, in isolated cases, defendants exercise their right to self-defense and caused only minor damage consequences Jeong, the defense does not exceed the limits of necessity.Fourth, Yang Bin has defensive awareness.The accused was forced to pick up the empty beer bottles defense, just stop the other of criminal violations and did not take the initiative to separately attack, and no further harm after repel against the people, it is the defendants defense guidelines in defense of consciousness carried out under.Ultimately, the court adopted the legal aid lawyer Qiaokou opinion, identified as Yang Bin established self-defense.June 20 this year, the court made 刑事裁定书, Pets Procuratorate withdrawal, Yang Bin no longer suffer from being held criminally responsible.

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