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  30-year-old single young emotional Report: more than half of the girls want to have pre-marital personal property Spring Festival will be temporary, this time of year, the young people will have to face from seven Regardless of eight aunt "life three questions": how much salary, buy a house yet, Shashi Hou married.For the "90" in terms of 30-year-old in 2020 formally entered the first year of torture seems to be the inevitable.Youth social platform to test the waters released "in 2020 after 30 years of emotional report single 90" display, 53.7% of girls think we should struggle before marriage, have their own house, self-sufficient sense of security.Report picture "thirty" single young people how to treat their own marriage problems?To "personal problems" Whats Plan?Recently, beating the young social platform released "in 2020 after 30-year-old single 90 emotional Report", the report into the 30 year-old single for the first batch of "90" from the multi-dimensional emotional state, and outlook on love and marriage, the depth of interpretation the first analysis of the emotional picture of "Pentium III" single youth.The report shows that more than Qi Cheng 30-year-old single "90" has been more than 2 years experience feelings of the window period, more than 5 years accounted for 22 of all respondents.2%.The first batch of "90" to thirty years, emotionally it is not too proud horseshoe disease.While holding them off the list of the five most important factors are the small circle, house, busy with work, high vision and personality reasons.Among them, 72 percent of users surveyed the small circle as the number one factor, the highest proportion.Many respondents said that the age growing, too single off the "South" of the."I like you so much, when the children will run!"So familiar word, is the norm encountered when faced young elders to marry.The report notes that more than eighty percent of 30-year-old single "90" to be experienced to marry, they have encountered in the vast majority of parental pressure.Stress may try to become a single off the power, but by no means the majority of people choose to marry power.Over eighty percent of 30-year-old single "90" firmly believes that "love is not afraid of night.".Report, 82.9% of respondents said that no hurry to get married by age; only less than two percent chose "not wait" to be in a hurry to get married.Experienced a student and early work, after years of sharpening, 30 year-old single "90" who, emotional attitudes are beginning to become more rational, its treatment of emotional attitude to grow with age.Vows or tea oil, salt and rice?Sweet or sense?Most of the respondents began to prefer the latter.The report said, 80.6% of 30-year-old single "90" that should be pragmatic homely feeling.On the 30-year-old single "90" on the marriage, even though boys and girls are given the answer is somewhat different, but the most important factor is the first Three Views.The report shows that boys most valued factors, Three Views, character, appearance, figure, family situation.The girl is the most important factor, Three Views, development potential, family situation, personality, appearance.In the traditional Chinese peoples concept of marriage, there is always room have a home, want a single nest, young lovers have to prepare the marriage room.And there are a lot of young people want as soon as possible "on the train", or the needs of parents "assists.Have their own real estate.Earlier economists say, todays young people is "Six wallet to buy a house", ie after two people get married, his parents and grandparents together with her parents and grandparents together as husband and wife purchase of real estate, but for the "90" 30-year-old seems to be slightly different.From the data in the report, you can get a glimpse of economic independence generation body.53.7% of girls think we should struggle before marriage, have their own house, self-sufficient sense of security.From the point of view of boys, girls they think marriage should be only 9% of the proportion of their own property; the proportion of the man buy a house 46.3%; marriage receiving rental 21.6%.However, in the report, boys and girls generally married couples may jointly agree a mortgage, and work together for a lights.

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