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  Experience of German waste classification established in Taizhou, Zhejiang Institute of Public Education July 1, Taizhou, Zhejiang garbage Public Education Institute was established, the Department of Chinas first domestic garbage school education.Taizhou garbage classification Leading Group Office Director Zhu Liguo introduced, Taizhou garbage Public Education Institute to take "garbage" in the first word and the third word homonym, also known as "pull the wind Academy".It is run by the Classification and Taizhou Taizhou Radio and Television University to jointly build, garbage collection is a study in one of the training planning publicity, online and offline combined with a comprehensive platform to further promote the popularity of garbage classification."The concept of pull the wind Academy, was inspired by the successful experience of the German waste classification."Office of the Director of Classification comprehensive coordination at Taizhou Qiu Yong, Germany effective waste separation work is done by government - social institutions - citizens consisting of Golden Triangle concerted efforts to social institutions which played an important role in the implementation of the transferee.At present, there is no similar domestic garbage nonprofit professional organization.In fact, Taizhou classification Office early as the end of 2020 proposed the idea to create an initial public garbage Institute of Education, has tried to run half a year."Public training, research, event planning, is colleges three missions."Qiu Yong said that after the wind pull School was established, the implementation of training program ripples propaganda invasion plan research program Deep Blue, in-depth work to promote garbage classification, in order to achieve fine, professional, efficient of aims.The government in matters relating to the transfer, will concentrate on top-level design garbage, and promote job duties selection, development of relevant policies and regulations, supervision and assessment, allocation of funds and other modes."We are currently in Germany and Shun Chi Wah Group butt of construction waste resource utilization of advanced equipment manufacturing industry landing in Taizhou, while the feasibility study of German technology into the third generation of municipal solid waste in Taizhou."Qiu Yong, landing these projects are expected to systematically solve all kinds of problems, decontamination and disposal of municipal waste, municipal solid waste disposal to improve the degree of utilization of resources.Qiu Yong said, "garbage classification is a systematic social engineering, hopes to set up pull the wind Institute, brought together all sectors of society, breaking the current low rate of garbage classification practice is not the degree of recycling municipal waste the two major bottlenecks."

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