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  China 2019 National Social Security Fund investment income value exceeds 300 billion yuan When the National Social Security Fund Council, vice chairman Chen Wenhui participate in the Global Wealth Management Forum summit in the first quarter of 2020 in Beijing on the 11th revealed that preliminary accounting, in 2020 the National Social Security Fund investment income of more than 3,000 billion yuan, the investment rate of return of about 15.5%; At the end of 2020, the total assets of the National Social Security Fund.6 trillion yuan, the cumulative amount of investment income 1.25 trillion yuan, an average annual investment rate of 8.15%.Chen said, the pension reserves in China, the basic pension insurance fund and pension fund reserves accounted for 83% to the second pillar occupational pension and annuity-based and third pillar consisting of personal savings-type pension insurance business only 17%.In the US, only about 10% of the first pillar of the Chinese government to assume responsibility for the vast majority of residents of old-age, but also greatly increased the financial burden.It is reported that Chinas current pension reserves of about 10.1 trillion yuan, including the National Social Security Fund, the basic old-age insurance funds, corporate pension and occupational pension, etc., the proportion of GDP accounted for only 11.4%, with 50 OECD countries.7% compared to the average, larger gap."At present, the Chinese government is vigorously tax cuts reduce costs, stimulate the vitality of micro-enterprises, but the rate of decline in social security contributions will further expand the shortfalls, in turn reducing the tax directly affects the revenue, this problem is solved."Said Chen Wenhui.He also stressed that the aging of Chinas population, accompanied by low birth rate and aging characteristics, further exacerbating the degree of aging of the population structure of China."Expected more than a decade later, the pension gap will become the most important livelihood issues, have to deal with ahead of time, plan ahead and take effective measures as soon as possible, to prevent old-age insurance gray rhinoceros risk."

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